Airtightness requirements for fire doors

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Sep 16,2022

Steel fire door refers to the door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel made of steel material. If the door leaf is filled with material, it is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire-proof and heat-insulating material, and it is composed of fire-proof hardware accessories. It is a door specifying fire resistance.

Steel Fire Exit Door in china

The national standard has clear requirements on the size of the gaps at the lap joints of fire doors: for steel fire doors, the overlap between the fan and the door frame is required to be no less than 10mm, and the gap between the fan and the door frame on both sides should not be greater than 4mm. After the fire door is installed and closed, the gap should not be too large, otherwise the airtight performance of the fire door is difficult to guarantee, and it is difficult to reflect its function of suppressing the spread of fire and smoke under fire conditions.
Therefore, the width of the gap in the installation of fire doors must be strictly controlled. Installation according to these standards can ensure the effective function of fire doors to a certain extent. Consumers must supervise when hiring construction units to prevent them from cutting corners and other problems, so as to prevent fire doors from occurring in the event of a fire.