Characteristics of heat dissipation planning for steel container shutters

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Aug 08,2022

1. Front air outlet planning: The air outlet is set on the front of the product and guided by steel container shutters, which can completely deal with the drawbacks of traditional radiators blowing black walls and set up a clean and beautiful indoor environment for you.

quality Steel Shipping Container Window Shutter

2. Ultra-thin shape design: the shell is made of high-quality aluminum alloy at one time, with a thickness of only 125mm. It has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, and less space. The overall structure is compact and beautiful.
3. Natural circulation design: The inlet and outlet water headers at both ends of the evaporator are made of large-cavity copper pipes, with large water flow and less circulation resistance. It has the function of active exhaust and can be used normally without the need to use a pump for forced circulation and power failure, and it can concentrate heating and soil Heating is available.
4. Conduction design: The evaporator is made of high-quality copper tubes and aluminum foil fins, which have the advantages of fast heat conduction, high heat dissipation efficiency, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The heat is 2-3 times that of a radiator of equal volume. .
5. Automatic temperature control design: the room temperature has the function of microcomputer automatic control (remote control) and manual setting, which can automatically adjust the fan speed (high, medium and low) according to the water pipe temperature, and automatically turn on and off according to the water temperature (35℃) and the unevenness of the room temperature.
6. Low-noise design: The fan adopts the world-renowned Haier motor and manufacturer fan blades to form the fan assembly, with low noise, large air volume, guaranteed quality and long-lasting use.