How to choose a security door

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Sep 26,2022

The most common type of security door on the market now is the physical security door. The fence type security door made of steel pipes in the past has been eliminated by the market. The solid anti-theft door, the double-layer steel plate of the door leaf is filled with thermal insulation and fireproof material, which has the functions of anti-theft, fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., because the quality and material are different, the price is not the same, generally more than 1,000 yuan. According to the material type, it can be divided into steel, aluminum alloy and steel wood.

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The security door made of aluminum alloy has high hardness and bright color. If it is decorated with a little pattern, it will give people a sense of splendor and not easy to fade, so it also has a certain consumer group. Because its appearance is too conspicuous, it is generally used in high-end villas. .
The steel-wood security door is made of wood chips wrapped with steel plates. Because the surface is covered with wood chips, different colors, woods, lines and patterns can be selected according to user requirements to integrate with interior decoration, but the price is relatively high, generally more than 6,000 yuan. Have an ample budget.